YCD is governed by a Board of Trustees who meet once a month to discuss and ratify any proposals developed by the Manager they believe will address the needs of Young People and their whanau.


Board Members

Rachael Fonotia, Chairperson,  Helen Gatonyi

Louise Cook, Hamish Johnson  

Jill Sunnex, Julie Williamson, Cassandra Staps

Ruru Harepeka Nako Hona is YCD Kaumatua, Ngatiruamahue Marae, Ngati Kahu, Nga Puhi


Fred Williams, General Manager

Tena Koutou katoa.

Ko Karioi te maunga

Ko Toreparu te awa

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Tainui Te Iwi

Ko Motakotako te Marae

Nga Mihi kia Koutou


fredw@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 6290


Junior Mata’afa, Operations Manager 

Talofa lava, 

O Lo’u suafa o Junior Mata’afa

Sa ou fanau I Tanetini

O lo’u tama o Sauione Mata’afa, 

O le nu’u e sau mai ai lo’u tama o Malie/Palauli

O lo’u tina o Epenesa Seumanutafa Mata’afa 

O le nu’u e sau mai ai lo’u tina o Falealupo.


My name is Junior Mata’afa I am the Operations Manager for Youth Cultural Development.


I am truly grateful and excited that I get to work alongside some amazing and passionate Youth Worker’s. The team here at YCD bring a lot of enthusiasm, positive energy, and a willingness in making a difference in guiding our tamariki in their journey of self-discovery while also working alongside Whanau and the community.


As the Operations Manager I work closely with our Team Leaders, Project Teams and our GM Fred Williams. I oversee the day-to-day operations ensuring that the ‘YCD machine’ is operating and running smoothly.


I feel very privileged that I have found my niche here at YCD the mahi that we do here can be challenging but is rewarding at the same time. During my short time here, you realise that the ‘real’ mahi starts here, in the community. 


Outside of mahi, I’m a proud father of two boys Neihana and Nikora of Samoan and Maori descent both attend St Thomas’s College and husband to Rachel Maitland-Mata’afa who is a Lecturer at University of Canterbury. My aiga is very important to me as they keep me grounded and honest. 


I love my mahi and love what YCD represents.


juniorm@ycd.co.nz – 027 279 5941


Natalia Sukhikh, Administrator


Philip Nuu, Senior Youth Worker/Mentor

Malo Lava le Soifua maua ma le lagie mama, Malo le onosa’i, Malo le faamalosi i feau ma galuega o lenei aso

Philip Filemu Nuutolola toku igoa

Years later and still having the passion to be working and supporting our Rangatahi . Young little homies are always at the centre of our universe.
Whanaketanga is where is at, Ministry of Youth Development hooking us up with the cash to work with rangatahi who needs support/ Mentoring, guidance through event planning, Basic life skills, Holiday Programmes. Also supporting all Rangatahi that come through the Greatness of YCD

Manuia Soifua

philipn@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 9632


Robert Stanbridge, Supervision With Activity Co Ordinator/Team Leader/Mentor

My name is Rob Stanbridge I work alongside Sidney supporting young people sentenced to Supervision with Activity (SWA). I am the YCD ‘muscles’ and have worked here for 13 years. I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I’m not much into health food I am into zinger burgers. I enjoy supporting young people and seeing them work through their plans and move on to much more exciting and healthy life adventures.

roberts@ycd.co.nz – 027 523 1335


Red Setu, Youth Worker/Team Leader Family homes/Events Co-Ordinator

Ko Taranaki Te Maunga
Ko Waitara Te Awa
Ko Tokomaru Te Waka
Ko Awanuiarangi Toku Tipuna
Ko Te Ati Awa Toku Iwi
Ko Puketapu Toku Hapu
Ko Mururaupatu Toku Marae
No Otautahi Ahau
Ko Rerewa Toku Ingoa

Kia Ora Koutou, Talofa Lava, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, My names Red Ngaia-Setu & I’ve been working at YCD for a very long time!
Currently I have a joint role at YCD: Events Co Ordinator, organizing regular youth events ( Fresh / CHCH Hip Hop Summit ) & also Team Leader on the Family Home Project, we work with 3 Oranga Tamariki residential family homes: Highsted, Martindale & Leicester…  Our role is to support our young people with their short term, long term or transitional plan, this project is working in partnership with the Caregivers, Social Workers, Whanau and other services that may engage with the Young Person.

I enjoy working at YCD alongside my team, building solid relationships & supporting our young people through their journey is the rewarding part of my job…
Creating positive change in a young person’s life is a great feeling…

He Waka Eke Noa

reds@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 6257 


Daniel Mataki – Youth worker/Community Service/Mentor

“Hey Guys, I’m Daniel Mataki Jnr a work alongside Dan Simpson as one of the youth workers/community service coordinators here at YCD I also support in the events we organize and run. I am born and raised here in Chch and I am interested in all kinds of Art and Creative stuff. Outside of YCD I run my own small business as “DJ Danny-ill” where I work as a DJ in night clubs, events and private functions, I am keen to support Young People pursue there creative ideas, organize events and or start your own business feel free to hit me up if you have any ideas or keen on learning more only too happy to sit down and workout goals and plans.”

danielm@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 6016 


Daniell Simpson, Youth worker/Community Service/Mentor

Ko Vito te Maunga
Ko Vaiola te awa
Ko Ngati Hamo te Iwi me Fiji me Tonga Tapu
Ko Dan Simpson toku ingoa

Kia ora te whanau i’m Dan Simpson I work alongside Dan Mataki as one of the youth workers/community service coordinators here at YCD I also support in the events we organize and run. I am interested in all kinds of Art and Creative stuff. It is a privilege to work with the young people and all the YCD staff.

daniells@ycd.co.nz – 027 222 7860


Julie Tuhimata – Street Youth Worker/Case Manager/Mentor

Ko huruiki te maunga

Ko mokau te awa

Ko tuwhenuaroa te waka

Ko mokau te marae

Ko Nga puhi te iwi

Ko ngati Wai te hapu

Ko Harding toku whanau

Ko Julie toku ingoa

I have worked at YCD for just over 11yrs!! What do I love about my job? The YOUNG PEOPLE!! And the amazing team we have!! Our door never shuts!! Mumma of 3!, wife to 1! nanny to 1!! Those that know me know I love to shop so my shoe size is a 9!! Just for your info!! Fav colour black, grey, orange, Fav food ALL! Yes its true I do have a lollie draw in my office!!

julieT@ycd.co.co.nz – 027 562 6017


Amber Young, Street Youth Worker/Case Manager/Mentor 

I have now been part of the SYWP for 11 months.  This year was my first time working from home during lockdown.  Whilst it was nice to work from home it was hard to not be here in person for the young people.  Also during the lockdown we were very lucky to have some great online training.  This will be my second summer working the streets alongside Julie, so am looking forward to meeting any new faces they may appear.  We have had the privilege of hearing some awesome recovery stories from the ladies.

ambery@ycd.co.nz – 027 320 5866


Melody Wehi, Street Youth Worker/Team Leader

Kia Ora,
Ruahema te Maunga
Waioweka to Awa
Opekerau te marae
Ngati ira te Hapu
Whakatohea te Iwi
Ko Melody Wehi ahau
Ko Maia raua ko Lilly aku kotiro
Tena koutou katoa

I have been working at YCD for many years, I feel honored to be apart of our organisation, the best thing about YCD being in a Whanau environment, within an awesome team   Also walking alongside our Young people, which always feels like a privilege rather than a job. Outside of work my life is all about my daughters. Whanau is everything no matter what capacity it is.
Nga Mihi

melw@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 6003


Shaun Asi, Senior Youth Worker SYSC course Tutor/mentor 

Talofa Lava my name is Shaun Asi, I am New Zealand born Samoan, my family village is Solosolo and Afega, and I am a Canterbury man from the Eastside of Christchurch, Aranui. I have been working with young people for a long time now, 9 years of which, I’ve been at YCD. I have worked in the Supported Bail and Mentoring roles over the years,  My current role is I am one half of the course tutors on the SYSC (Specialist Youth Services Course), basic life skills course for young people. it is an absolute pleasure working along side young people, seeing and encouraging positive changes for themselves, building self confidence, connecting with whanau and culture, not everyday is perfect, the road to change isn’t always easy, perseverance is key, though the young peoples time at YCD is seasonal, the fruits of their labor will be ripe when they are older, its all part of their journey. you live and you learn. Nga mihi

shauna@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 6648


Simona Faavesi, SYSC course Tutor/mentor

Talofa lava, my name is Simona.

I have 16 years of experience in working with young people.

I love what I do and am very motivated and passionate in what I do. I am very fortunate to be in a position to offer intensive support for the young people I work with.

While a young person is on SYSC my goal is for them to leave having gained something, utilizing their time constructively to reduce the risk of re-offending and setting personal goals, identifying interest and hobbies whilst walking along side them with an encouraging approach.

What I love most about my role is building positive relationships with young people and their whanau’s as I feel this is the most important thing to do in order to progress with them.

Outside of work I am a real family man, my family is my life. My hobbies and other interest are being outdoors, hiking, biking, kai gathering etc, boxing and health and fitness which all of these things I offer and encourage young people to participate in (If this is their interest) as I personally feel health and wellbeing is very important.

simonaf@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 6512 


Zenn Rarere – Youth Worker/Team Leader Supported Bail

E nga iwi
E nga mana
E nga reo
E nga karangatanga maha
E nga morehu, tena ra koutou katoa

Ko Taupiri te Maunga
Ko Waikato te awa
Ko Tainui te Waka
Ko Waikato te Iwi
Ko Zenn Rarere toku ingoa

My name is Zenn Rarere and work on the Supported Bail Programme. I have been apart of this whanau for nearly 10 years and have had many roles here. Working with young people on Supported bail gives us as Kaimahi a chance to be in their lives and assist with personal development, education and vocational matters, address any challenges they may be facing and gaining a more purposeful routine. Supported bail also gets to work aongside the young person with their whanau, so that rather than making progress individually it is made as a whanau. No child left behind 

zennr@ycd.co.nz 027 562 6294


Terekia Roberts – Youth worker Supported bail

Kia Ora, Kia Orana 

Ko Terekia toku ingoa.

Ko te kakaho toku awa.

Ko Mataatua toku waka.

Ko Tuhoe toku iwi.

I work in Supportive Bail. Born in Auckland and raised there half my life i would consider Canterbury, Eastside, Aranui my home as well. I have been a youth worker for about 13years with experience working in the community and in residence. I do enjoy playing all sports in particularly rugby league.

terekiar@ycd.co.nz – 027 309 5546


Tanu Allen – Youth worker Family home/mentor

Kia Ora Kotau, Talofa lava. 

My name is Tanu Junior (TJ). My current role is working within the Family Home Project at YCD, this has been only for a short period.  Having no previous experience within the youth work sector prior to my entry at YCD it felt like a big leap of faith deciding to disengage a long tenure within the telecommunications industry that I was very familiar with holding various roles for most part of my working life.  A driving factor in choosing to explore this youth worker role was being able to help others, in particular our younger generation who are at an early and consider a crucial stage with their journey in life.  My hope in this role that I can positively impact in the opportunity moments when life allows paths to cross with our young people in need.  

tanua@ycd.co.nz – 027 561 6417


Deanna Dempsey, Youth Worker Family Home/mentor

Nga Mihi Ki a Koutou

Ko Dee toku ingoa

Ko opuke te maunga

Ko Rakaia te awa

He uri ahau no whiti me ingarangi

I tipu ake au i te tai rawhiti or otautahi

He kaimahi rangatahi o ycd ahau

No reira tena koutou katoa

I have been working here for 6 years now and am still enjoying the Kaupapa of YCD. Everyday brings something new and it’s never a dull day. The best part of the Mahi is working alongside the rangatahi and supporting them in their journey. I work with a wonderful team on the Enhanced whanau project aka family home. I work alongside Tanu and Sam, we all share the passion of youth work which I consider to be a privilege.

deannad@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 6670


Sidney Tauamiti, Youth Worker/Transitions and Whanau support worker

I have worked in the youth sector for various non-governmental organizations, community organizations and the Ministry of Education. I am really passionate about people and community, which in essence is what YCD is all about. Rugby coaching is another vehicle through which I connect with the community and something I dedicate a lot of my spare time to. In fact I enjoy all sports and have filled roles as ground announcer and courtside announcer for the Canterbury Rams and the Crusaders over the years. Family, community and service are 3 of my personal values and subsequently influence my interests outside of work but are also a big part of why I work at YCD.

sidneyt@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 3386


Ethan Harrison, Transition Project Youth Worker/Mentor 

Kia ora whanau! On the Transition to Adulthood Program I work with young people to help them develop their independence in preparation for moving into independent lifestyles. This involves working with our youth to develop life skills and other meaningful skills big and small to move into a healthy and well balanced independent lifestyle as they prepare to move out of the Oranga Tamariki system and beyond, thus supporting them towards a life of substance. I am also passionate about exercise and active living so encourage those I work with to be active and involved in creating a healthy lifestyle as well as an independent one.

Outside of work I am a family man with 4 boys of my own that keep me on my toes and entertained. I love sport and being involved in participating in and watching my young sportsmen participate in their activities.

YCD provides a unique experience for everyone involved to learn, grow and develop into individuals and whanau members that they truly want to be. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the YCD whanau and look forward to all the awesome adventures we continue to have.

ethanh@ycd.co.nz – 027 562 6293


Michelle King, Youth Worker/Transitions and Whanau support worker/Quality assurance lead

Kia ora, my name is Michelle, I have been part of the YCD Whanau now for  2 years, and I’m proud to be part of such a devoted group of professionals where we all share the same passion: Young People.

I feel privileged every time I become part of a young persons journey,  

Supporting them to discover their strengths, discover their identity, learn from their mistakes, develop new skills, encourage them to make positive choices & succeed in anything they may want to do.

Ki te kotahi te kakaho ka whati, Ki te kapuia e kore e whati 

(Alone we can be broken. Standing together, we are invincible)

michellek@ycd.co.nz – 027 277 8703 

We support Youth Work practice, encourage upskilling and enjoy working with Young People.