Slide background YOUTH & CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT Helping young people reach their potential.

YCD Mission Statement

YCD aims to navigate Young People through the journey of self discovery to develop their strengths and reach their potential.


Te kaupapa o YCD ko te arahitia o nga rangatahi i roto to huarahitia o nga mana, nga ihi, nga wehi kia tae atu ki taua taumata.


 To support Young People to achieve a sense of wholeness.



Moemoea  – Ki to manaakitia nga rangatahi kia tu pakari ai.

YCD  Services

YCD provides services to young people who are at risk of or who are getting involved in an offending circle. The services offered at YCD have been developed over time through recognising a need.
YCD has been proactive in identifying a gap and attempting to fill it. We have developed partnerships with both Community and Government organisations to provide the best services possible to a sector of the Youth Community who would otherwise not get the support required to develop positive decision making skills. We have a diverse staff make up offering physical, psychological, cultural and spiritual safety in our work.