YCD Services

YCD Provides services to Young People who are at risk of or who are getting involved in an offending circle. The services offered at YCD have been developed over time through recognising a need.

YCD has been pro active in identifying a gap and attempting to fill it. We have developed partnerships with both Community and Government organisations to provide the best services possible to a sector of the Youth Community who would otherwise not get the support required to develop positive decision making skills. We have a diverse staff makeup offering physical, psychological, cultural and spiritual safety in our work.


Supported Bail

Child Youth and Family have contracted YCD to deliver Supported Bail. This is a National Initiative working one on one with Young People who are bailed on serious/several charges and would otherwise be in custody. The Youth Court Judge will decide if Supported Bail programme is appropriate after considering all the information such as daily plan, supportive whanau/Carer and a willingness from the Young Person to remain within conditions of bail. This is an opportunity to address issues that lead to the offending and find ways of supporting change in the Young Persons decision making. Supported Bail is an intense intervention where the Young Person must adhere to conditions such as curfew, reside at home and not reoffend.


Supervision With Activity

Supervision With Activity (SWA) is an order of Youth Court requiring up to 26-week intense supervision for the young person with a clear plan, goal setting and projected outcomes. This is referred to as a formal order by the Youth Court. There are three places available at YCD for this service at one time. It is an opportunity to create a positive plan with the support of a Youth Worker. We encourage the partnerships with other services to remain engaged with a Young Person while on SWA and hope that we can offer support and some resources to compliment that work.


Community Service Co Ordination

Referrals from Child Youth and Family, Police Youth Aid and Youth Court are received. The setting up of an appropriate placement with a community provider for the Young Person is arranged and supported. Completed hours of work ordered through the Youth Justice system are recorded and Court reports are provided by YCD and follow up to ensure ongoing support is continued. Young people are assessed and offered ongoing support in a Case Management role.


Street Youth Work Project

The Street Youth Work Project works with Young People who are at risk of or are sex working and are under the age of 18 years. This project has a case management component and works with a “Harm Minimisation” focus. We will encourage Young People identified as at risk to look at options for their future. Staff work on the street 3 nights per week and run a DropIn service, home visits where appropriate and promote sexual health checks with a sexual health specialist nurse on site at arranged times.


Enhanced Whanau Home Youth Work

Child Youth and Family have an Enhanced Family home for Young Women and 1 for Young Men who require care and protection but are tranistioning into a more long term placement. YCD provides Youth Work case management one on one with the Young Person to support the development of the longer term plan for example settleing in school, training, sports and other positive activities. This project is working in partnership with the Caregiver, Social Worker, Whanau and other services that may engage with the Young Person.



Ministry of Youth Development provides the funding to work with potential leaders of the future. YCD works in schools and community to encourage participation in culture, school, education, sport, arts through learning and leadership development. We will support Young People to plan and run events for other Young People or for Whanau, participate in activities such as Dragon Boating, Culture Groups and provide a mediation type role between Young People and whanau where appropriate improving communication between the generations.


Whakatu-tia Nga Wero

A course for Young People with a history of offending between the age of 12 and 16 years. This was a new initiative funded by the Ministry of Youth Development and came out of the Youth Offending Strategy. The course has been running since February 2003 and provides Young People the opportunity to address the issues that may have lead to the offending/behaviour. As of the 1 July 2009 this course is now funded by Child Youth and Family. The course content is an opportunity to develop skills such as Cooking, numeracy and literacy, first aid, drivers license, Drug and Alcohol Education, Stopping Violence and Sexual Health and the responsibility that goes with becoming sexually active. There are some trips away out of Christchurch tramping, Marae stay and team building. There are lots of experiences to be a part of on this course and we encourage full participation.

There are limited places and referrals are through Social Worker or Police. Young People attend with a school exemption or under section 71 of the Education Act. There is no closed start date and an interview will determine the appropriate individual plan for the Young Person.


Transition to Independence

Through the Vodafone Foundation YCD can now provide Youth Work support for Young People moving toward independence. We will work along side Oranaga Tamariki Transition team to provide the practical support to improve outcomes for Young people moving into independent living situations.

Too often it is the small things that stand in the way of Young people maintaining a safe, warm and appropriate living space such as a feeling of isolation and loneliness, lack of basic skills and confidence. we will be there for as long as it takes.


Case Management

Through the projects run at YCD Young People are case managed providing assessment of need and referrals to specific and appropriate agencies for things such as, Drug and Alcohol, Stopping Violence, Abuse and Grief Counselling, Whakapapa, Victim Support and Legal advice. Young People are also encouraged to reconnect with old interests such as Sport, the Arts, Cultural Groups, Church and other activities. All services offered at YCD are inline with the Youth Development Strategy, Youth Offending Strategy and the Youth Health Strategy.