The Christchurch Hip Hop Summit is an annual celebration of Diversity and Hip Hop Culture that has emerged as a dynamic platform for empowering both emerging and established artists, fostering positive expression, and uniting our local community.

Recognising the immense influence of Hip Hop on youth culture and the absence of learning opportunities and role models for the upcoming generation of Hip Hop artists, YCD with the backing of CCC, embarked on a journey to cultivate a vibrant space for creative expression. This initiative emerged as the 1st Annual CHCH HHS, which successfully unfolded in 2021 amidst the challenges of covid restrictions. Over three enriching days, the event attracted more than 1300 enthusiastic attendees and had an online audience of over 25000.

The monumental success of the first year paved the way for an even more extensive and impactful second instalment in 2022. This week-long event, free from the constraints of covid, drew in 10000+ attendees and resonated with an online audience exceeding 60000. These back-to-back triumphs have elevated the image of Hip Hop within our broader community and fostered a sense of unity among our local Hip Hop scene.

The Christchurch Hip Hop Summit is a testament to the power of diversity, creativity, and collaboration. It offers a dynamic platform for both budding and established artists to unveil their talents and impart positive role modelling for the next generation. Through performances, enlightening keynote talks, and hands-on workshops, the Summit serves as a beacon of artistic ingenuity and self-expression.

Steering its focus toward strengthening the local Hip Hop scene, the Summit serves as a catalyst for unity, growth, and community engagement. By harnessing the positive influence of Hip Hop, it not only supports emerging artists but also empowers our youth to find strength in togetherness.


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